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Naked Juice

Illustration & Package Design

Naked is looking for new, fresh and progressive art styles that will make people stop when they see the artwork.

Naked is looking for work that appeals to 18-35 year old people - urban trendsetters or the so-called 'dynamic doers' who incorporate fashion, sports and health consciousness into their everyday life.  Naked was started in Santa Monica, California in 1983 by a nude sunbathing hippie with a love for squeezed juice.

Naked is all about natural and raw ingredients that give you super energy,

add refreshment and positivity and, ultimately, empower everyone to be

creative and live life to its fullest!


Humour is always a good idea.

This is the reason that I designed the ingredients seem “naked” on new bottles of Naked.I created a funny story and characters that refer to the Naked brand.This story is aimed to target audience make happy.and feel them positive in their daily routines while they are drinking Naked. I believe Naked will differentiate from its competitors with new humorous and eye-catching bottle designs. We see the ingredients are spotted as “naked” on camera and we are also witnessing the funny expressions on their faces. I used bright colors in my designs that associated with the summer and the beaches. The characters of the ingredients are social, funny and friendly. These characters can also be used as a promotional product for marketing communication.

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