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Amadeus Theatre

Branding & Concept Design

Mozart was a genius man. He started to play the piano when he was just 3. He created more than 600 works in his short life.

That's why we respect on his talent and we couldn't write his name with an ordinary font. We designed readable and also playable alphabet. When we read texts on the visuals, we should have listen his music, too. Therefore we created the custom font.

Umiki Whisky

Branding & Packaging Design

UMIKI blended pure desalinated filtered ocean water with Japanese ocean side distilled malt whiskies and whiskies in reserve. After finishing its curation in Japanese pine barrels. This sustainable process gave its own whisky name UMIKI whereby UMI means OCEAN, KI means TREE. The ocean is known as the source of life and the ever-green pine tree is seen as the symbol of life in Japan. So the design inspired by the combination of these immortal values for Japanese.

Kamiki Whisky

Branding & Packaging Design

Erhan Özden designed the packaging for Kamiki Whisky, a spirit that takes inspiration from Japanese tradition.

“Kamiki's story takes place in a truly ancient land—one of spiritual and carnal harmony—in the temples of Nara in Japan.” 


Branding & Packaging Design

It is an extension to the Kamiki line, which is claimed to be the first Japanese whisky finished in Japanese cedar (Yoshino Sugi) casks.

Kamiki Intense Wood has been aged longer in the cedar casks to offer a more intense taste.

Blue Label

Illustration & Packaging Design

Johnnie Walker is looking for creative interpretations of defining elements from across the European region, brought together in one design which showcase the culture and key elements of the region in a way which is relevant to all it's inhabitents.

Illustration & Packaging Design

Humour is always a good idea.

This is the reason that I designed the ingredients seem “Naked” on the new labels of Naked. I created a funny story and characters that refer to the Naked brand. This story is aimed to target audience make happy and feel them positive in their daily routines while they are drinking Naked. We see the ingredients are spotted as “Naked” on camera and we are also witnessing the funny expressions on their faces. I used bright colors in the design, that associated with the summer and the beaches. The characters of the ingredients are social, funny and friendly. These characters can also be used as a promotional product for marketing communication.

Tivibu Ip-Tv

Art Direction & Copywriting



2015 Felis Awards / Print / Felis Award

2015  Crystal Apple Awards / Print / Crystal Apple

2015  Crystal Apple Awards / Print / Silver Apple

2015 Golden Drum / Print/ Shortlist

Avea Gsm Operator

Art Direction - Print Ad



Epica Awards 2015 - Silver EPICA / Personal Electronics & Devices

Epica Awards 2015 - Silver EPICA / Print / Personal Electronics&Devices

27.Crystal Apple / Print Category / Silver Apple

Mediacat Felis Awards 2015 / Silver Felis / Print Category

blue label pack
naked Pacage
avea gsm
Kamiki Intense Wood
kamiki original pack
Umiki Brand Identity

Kamiki Sakura

Branding & Packaging Design

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